Cylindrical rollers

Cylindrical rollers are made from through hardened rolling bearing steel in accordance with DIN EN ISO 683-17 and are the basic elements of cylindrical roller bearings.

Cylindrical rollers are divided into sorts with very small diameter and length tolerances. The sorting is indicated on the packaging. One pack contains cylindrical rollers of one sort only. . In a delivery comprising several packs, the sort may differ from one pack to another

Designation of sorts

The designation of the sort (0, + or –) is printed on the packaging:
■ 0 for zero
■ + for a positive value (stating the value)
■ – for a negative value (stating the value).


Areas of application

Cylindrical rollers are used:

  • where bearing arrangements are subjected to very high radial load . In the case of a bearing arrangement under combined load (axial/radial), the transmission of moderate axial forces is possible taking account of the adjacent construction; axial load carrying capacity of cylindrical roller bearings
  • in the automotive industry as well as in machine and gearbox building
  • in linear guidance systems.