Available grades : Balls are available in the grades G10, G16, G20. The largest and smallest deviation and the geometrical tolerance are defined as a function of the diameter Dw.

Sorting by ball sorts and preferred sort pairs : 
Balls manufactured under identical conditions (known as batches) are sorted within a class into ball sorts with a very small diameter tolerance according to the mean batch diameter DwmL. Each sort is packed separately and the mean deviation is marked on the packaging. One pack contains balls of one sort only. In a delivery of balls of the same nominal dimension and class comprising several packs, the sort may differ
from one pack to another. Preferred sort range of grades G10 to G20: +6 to –6.

Designation of sorts : 

The designation of the ball sort (N, P or M) is printed on the packaging:
■ N for zero
■ P for a positive value (stating the value)
■ M for a negative value (stating the value).


Steel balls are made from through hardened rolling bearing steel in accordance with DIN EN ISO 683-17 and are the basic elements of ball bearings

Areas of application

Balls are used:

  • in rolling bearings where moderate to high speeds occur and moderate to high axial forces and radial forces must be supported, for example in deep groove ball bearings, slewing rings, rotor bearings and linear guidance systems
  • for standard applications
  • where the bearing position is required to operate with little noise.