Cylindrical roller bearings

Cylindrical roller bearings have a single or multiple row rolling element set based on cylindrical rollers. In contrast to the ball, the roller has a larger contact area perpendicular to the roller axis. As a result, it can transmit higher forces, has greater rigidity and allows smaller rolling element diameters under the same load.

Depending on the design of the ribs on the bearing rings:

  • axial forces can be supported in one or both directions
  • axial displacements of the shaft relative to the housing are compensated without constraint in the bearing (in bearings with a semi-locating or non-locating bearing function)
  • the bearings can be separated for easier mounting.

Cylindrical roller bearings are available in various designs, the characteristics of which are optimized for different applications depending on the structure of the bearings: The bearings are available in a single or double row design, with different combinations of ribs on the inner and outer ring, a full complement cylindrical roller set and with various cage designs.


Single row cylindrical roller bearings with cage are suitable where:

  • Bearing arrangements are subjected to very high radial loads
  • Not only high radial forces but also axial loads from one or both directions must be supported by the bearing position (semi-locating or locating bearing function)
  • Bearing arrangements must have very high rigidity
  • Axial displacements of the shaft relative to the housing must be compensated without constraint in the bearing (in the case of bearings with a non-locating or semi-locating bearing function)
  • High radial loads and very high speeds occur but the very high radial load carrying capacity of full complement cylindrical roller bearings is not required
  • The bearings should be separable (one bearing ring can be removed for easier mounting)